The International Exhibition on Security and HSE, SHSE’2020, organized in conjunction with the 16th International Water Equipment, Technology and Services Exhibition, SIEE-Pollutec’2020 at the Convention Center of Oran, from 08 to 11 June 2020, aims at popularizing security and HSE activities in the economic and commercial field in Algeria.

The event will bring together actors in the security and HSE fields, ranging from mechanical and computer security technology to fire protection, remote surveillance, cyber security, health and safety, environmental security, among others…

The objective of SHSE’2020, is to enable security and HSE professionals to share their experiences within companies, and to promote solutions and products.

The Exhibition is intended for all security professionals, industrials, as well as potential customers eager to find the latest products, innovations, technologies and solutions for all sectors.

For (Algerian and foreign) solution producers and providers
Gaining greater visibility on the Algerian market ;
Present their products and solutions;
Having direct contact with customers
Developing links between national and international entities dealing with security issues.

For potentialcustomers
Finding a security solution adapted to their needs;
Having a range of solutions and products
Comparing offered solutions and products in terms of quality and cost;
Making the exhibition a place to exchange and share experiences.

Security of critical infrastructures
Centralized management of security
Biometrics at the service of security
Sensitive sites: whatsecurity?

Security of infrastructure and data
Securing documents
Data security and data center
Disaster recovery

Computer Security
Organization of the security sector in Algeria?
Cybersecurity in Algeria: challenges, progress and constraints
Computer security: State of play on new threats
“Internet of Things” (IoT) at the service of security